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We offer cash back refunds for returning your core parts, which saves you time, reduces the overall cost of your purchase, and helps out our planet.

(YAY! More scenic routes!)


No vehicle down time waiting for your custom parts. Simply swap out and return your removed parts within 30 days to receive your core refund.


Even if you damage your part during removal, we still offer a partial core refund. The refund amount will be determined upon visual inspection of your removed parts once back at our facility.


Do your part, by returning your parts! You will be helping to keep new, hard to recycle plastic consumption down.

YAY! Your parts arrived!

When your new parts arrive, save your box! After installing your new parts use the packaging materials and box to pack your core (old) parts. 

Fill out the form included in your shipment so we know the parts are yours when they arrive at our shop! (You can also find this form at the bottom of the page)

PRO TIP: Take a few pictures of your core parts to have on hand in case your parts arrive with damage. Photos go a long way when processing a claim with shipping companies!

Core Inspection

When your shipment arrives in our facility we will inspect core parts for damages. If there are damages found that make the part unusable no refund will be issued.

If you have questions about any damage that occurred to your part during removal, please email photos of the damage and we can let you know how this will affect your refund prior to shipment.

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Share your new parts and tag @distinctionapplied on instagram & facebook!


We would love to share your post & follow you on your trail to customizing your Jeep!


Head to your favorite place to ship stuff!

After securely packing your old parts, Drop off your package! 

You must ship your parts within 30 days of receiving them for your full refund.

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Your refund will be issued promptly after inspection! The amount of time it takes to see your refund in your account will depend upon your card issuer, but typically takes less than two weeks after the arrival of your core parts.

The full refund amount is shown on the individual product pages on our website & is included in your box’s informational materials.


Order more parts and repeat steps one though five. 

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